Balton Corporation a certified minority and woman business enterprise (MWBE), striving to meet the individual needs of our clients. Over decades of supplier partnerships, Balton Corporation aims to fulfill all your organization’s needs.

Balton Corporation maintains advance inventory for each of it’s clients, eliminating the dangers presented by unexpected needs or shortages at no additional cost to the client. Balton offers tailored order forms as well as monthly reports at the request of their clients. With a privately owned delivery fleet and warehousing, Balton Corporation provides a distinctive service unlike any other distributor.

Balton, where no order is too large, offers contract bid and negotiated pricing, to better suit clients, some orders may be subject to free delivery.*

Balton, a nationwide distributor located in the heart of Chicago’s south-side commercial district since 1985, has the capacity to serve you wherever your business resides.

*contingent on minimum order size.

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